“By combining the right music with engaging stories and compelling images, we can transform the feelings and perceptions of millions of people in a matter of seconds.”

Frank Fitzpatrick, TEDxFIAP Sao Paulo

I have dedicated over 30 years to mastering the Technologies of Emotion: Music and Storytelling. In addition to creating and producing award-winning original content, I specialize in helping productions and organizations successfully integrate music and video throughout all phases of design, production, marketing and outreach. I am inspired by the art of collaboration and thrive in the co-creative process, having had the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s greatest artists and filmmakers.

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    Berlin International Film Festival


    Sydney Film Festival


    Best Classic R&B Nomination


    Ciudad De Las Ideas Nomination


    Sao Paolo International Short Film Festival

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“Frank’s creative contributions to my productions over the past decade have proven to be an integral part of their success. He is a lateral thinker, and an innovator who is always looking at new ways to expand the medium. He has travelled the world, and immersed himself in so many cultures and traditions, that I believe we’ve only scratched the surface of what Frank has to offer to the cultural conversation.”

Michael Rymer (Director, Battlestar Galactica, Queen of the Damned)

“Frank does much more than compose and produce music; he creates miracles. He has the ability to transform a story and production into a universally transformative experience. Frank’s talent, relationships and international experience allow him to draw top musical and creative talent from around the globe and gracefully move between cultures and genres in a most original and provocative way.”

Rob Adetuyi (Writer/Director (Beat the World, Stomp the Yard, Turn It Up))

“I have been working with Frank Fitzpatrick for over 10 years, both on creative collaborations for my films and on innovative strategies for audience engagement. His uncanny ability and relentless drive to create successful entertainment campaigns that also support social causes is both rare and inspiring. Frank’s immense talent combined with his commitment to excellence and professional integrity raises the bar for the entire team.”

Sherwood Hu (President, Shanghai Film Academy)

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I’m here to help YOU create a better world, inside and out.

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