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“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.”

Brene Brown
  • The Silver Bear Award

    Berlin International Film Festival

  • Audience Award

    Sydney Film Festival


    Best Classic R&B Nomination


    Ciudad De Las Ideas Nomination

  • Public Choice Award

    Sao Paolo International Short Film Festival

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Happy Clients

“I have been working with Frank Fitzpatrick for over 10 years, both on creative collaborations for my films and on innovative strategies for audience engagement. His uncanny ability and relentless drive to create successful entertainment campaigns that also support social causes is both rare and inspiring. Frank’s immense talent combined with his commitment to excellence and professional integrity raises the bar for the entire team.”

Sherwood Hu President, Shanghai Film Academy

“Frank is one of the most open, conscientious and inquiring people I know. His caring and interest in others has led him to an exploration of people and cultures in many parts of the world. In my experience, there are gifted people who can devote themselves to their own work, but few who can also contribute just as brilliantly when part of a team. What brings Frank Fitzpatrick and I together is our commitment to healing at a cultural level. He helps create experiences that fill people with joy and hope for renewal.”

Jeanne Segal Author, The Language of Emotional Intelligence
Host, The Feeling Great Show

“Frank’s creative contributions to my productions over the past decade have proven to be an integral part of their success. He is a lateral thinker, and an innovator who is always looking at new ways to expand the medium. He has travelled the world, and immersed himself in so many cultures and traditions, that I believe we’ve only scratched the surface of what Frank has to offer to the cultural conversation.”

Michael Rymer Director, Battlestar Galactica, Queen of the Damned

“Frank’s live presentation at METal was nothing short of awesome. By combining highly dynamic & heartfelt communication skills, with great stories and multi-media, Frank took a theater full of business leaders and entrepreneurs through their entire range of emotions – from tears to cheers, closing out with a standing ovation. If you want deeper insights into the power of Creativity, Music and Storytelling, and to see these Technologies of Emotion in action, I highly recommend Frank as a as presenter or workshop leader at your next event. He’s a “Business Rockstar” with a heart of gold.”

Ken Rutkowski Founder/CEO, METal (Media, Entertainment, and Technology Alpha Leaders)
Host, Business Rockstars Radio

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